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It’s destined to make extra mineral contributions to boost the growth of legumes, as well as to stimulate Nitrogen fixation through associated microorganisms.

How to apply: Fertirrigation

Apply at any time of the farming.

Dose: Apply 20 litres/hectare in each application. Make a total of 3 applications throughout the farming.

Fertilizer resulting from a fermentation of humic acids with Molybdenum, Cobalt, Zinc, Boron, Magnesium and Potassium.

It stimulates the microbial activity of the soil, specially the one of the Nitrogen fixing microorganisms. It also boots the water retention and improves the resistance to extreme situations, thermal, water
or toxicity.


It’s particularly suitable for nourishing the plant with Sulfur and Potassium.

The combination of both mineral elements, as they are present in the product, they irritate and bother the pathogenic microorganisms as well as mites, cochineals, whiteflies, aphids, etc.


Minimum concentrations: Sulfur (S) 40%, Potassium (K) 21%

How to apply: Foliar use

As a preventive treatment and when the pest is already installed.


· Apply by foliar use in times of risk, once a month at 0,5%

· When the pest is very installed, apply by foliar use at 1%

Winter treatment:

· In evergreen plants apply at 1-2% focusing on the trunk.

· In deciduous plants apply 3 to 5 % on the trunk.

The Sulfur and Potassium modify the nutritional state of the plant making it less accessible to pests. These mineral elements boost the
protein synthesis.

The Sulfur transforms the Nitrogen into protein and the Potassium participates in the transfer of sugars, which is the necessary energy to carry out the process. Potassium is a good balancer for the excess of Nitrogen.


The formulations will be adapted to the moment and the crop status, based on the study of the situation of the soil and the plant realized by our technical department.

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