In the forest, countless of microorganisms are in charge of turning the vegetable and mineral remains into nourishment for plants. Besides, some of those mineral elements, such as nitrogen and carbon, are taken from the air and they become usable for the plants. It´s a natural process, without any human intervention, that is getting the quality of the soil each time better. More organic matter, more beneficial microorganisms for the plants, more aeration...


What do our fertilizers contribute to get closer to that?

Conditions for the beneficial microorganisms to have a “house and food” and, in this way, the start of the regeneration process. These conditions are achieved through the contribution of different complexities of organic matter based on humic acids.

As the plants, together with microorganisms, they have lost the capacity of process nutrients on the soil, we have achieved to dissolve high amount of micronutrients in humic acids so we have a unique product in the market, that combines the beneficial contibutions of both components at the same time. These soluble minerals are the support for the plant in order to feed itself while the soil is getting regenerated.

A microbial inoculum. We have achieved a living product, based on spontaneous fermentations, and they accelerate the soil regeneration through these microorganisms.

Nutrient assimilation rate

Time required for assimilation of 50%.

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For what type of crops are our fertilizers?

We put all our love in our activity and we are sure that in this aspect non-palpable and neither quantifiable it ends up reaching the soil that is watered with our fertilizers.

Selecciona el cultivo al que quieres aplicar nuestros productos, y allí verás nuestro catálogo y la propuesta estándar de fertilización para ese cultivo. Te invitamos a que te pongas en contacto con nosotros para ajustar la propuesta de fertilización a tu situación particular.

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