We are in a unique moment related to knowledge. Scientists discover things daily that can be very useful for the field work. In any case, we must not forget either the knowledge that we inherit from our “grandparents”. They had an attribute that we have largely lost. The ability to observe and discover fascinating things.

In Vitaveris we try to combine both aspects. On the one hand, we take advantage of all the new scientific progresses worldwide. We also work in research projects in collaboration with different institutions. And we never forget the wisdom of our ancestors.

Without forgetting the recepies, we also try to make you discover them, become the master, look at things how you have never done it before and... you start to see. We want to learn by your side and make you enjoy the pleasure of nature.

That pleasure that makes us so blessed.

Behind Vita Veris there is a group of professionals who can help you in many different areas. 
  • Agricultural consulting. 

We can help you on the management of your crops to ensure that they are more balanced and more productive. Our focus is always on treating the soil better by introducing, for example, non-aggressive tillage practices, organically fertilizing or avoiding pests by promoting the vitality of the plant. Call us and let us understand where you are and what you want to achieve.

  • Circular economy. 

We help you in the management, transformation and revaluation of agricultural residues so that they become regenerative inputs for your crop. 

  • Bioremediation with microorganisms.

These small allies help us find solutions to problems such as decontamination of water, soil or manure. We can collaborate to solve your problems with cheap and simple solutions. We collaborate with first-rate research institutions with which we innovatively face the challenges that arise as a society. 

  • Animal feeding and care to improve quality and performance.

Contact us!

Contact us to answer any questions about our products, their use or anything related to the benefits of managing your crop with practices that enhance life in your soil.

Phone number 652 277 203


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