Let's be more forest.

Have you ever thought you are soil?

Everything that feeds you comes from the soil in a direct or indirect way. If you get to understand it you cannot take another way than looking after and regenerate your soil. I think you already know which place you can take as reference and who can help you. The forest lives in the Vitaveris fertilizers.

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Why should you use our fertilizers?

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More production
and quality.

The high level of micronutrients and its high assimilation makes possible the achievement of bigger sizes, more color, more flavour, more time of storage, more mineral and vitamin charge.


Lower incidence
of pests

The nutritional balance in the plant, same as in people, makes easier to keep health and be more resistent to any type of pests.


Resistance to weather

Resistance to extreme weather situations due to lack or excess of water, temperatures, etc.

We revive your soil.

The work with our products makes easier modifying the structural conditions of the soil. On the other hand, it revives it getting the movement of all the nutrients that naturally exist in any soil. We revive your soil, your production, your food and in consecuence, we enhance your and the planet´s health.

Why are the results so positive?

If you need it, we advise you

At the same time, we provide big amount of micronutrients so that the plant can feed itself and moreover the product is alive, accelerating the microbial regeneration.

Thanks to the level of humic acids and the CEC (Cation-exchange capacity) of those, the minerals are not washed easily and they improve the structure of the soil.

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For what type of crops are our fertilizers?

We put all our love in our activity and we are sure that in this aspect non-palpable and neither quantifiable it ends up reaching the soil that is watered with our fertilizers.

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